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About Us is run by a team who is dedicated to help you save money on electricity and become independent from energy monopolies and constantly rising energy prices by providing you with high-quality, easy-to-understand, practical and actionable information about green energy, solar panels, solar system components and solar power systems.

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By discovering and employing this easy to grasp information you can either build or buy the most efficient, cost-effective, safe and aesthetically pleasing solar power system that suits best your energy needs.

Here you will find helpful reviews, practical information, tips and more revealing you how to purchase or do it yourself such a solar system.

We are engineers in electronics with more than 15 years of experience in research, design and construction of various complex electronic and telecommunication systems.

The basic understanding of the solar technology is important for everyone who are looking either to buy or build solar power system because it will be of much help during researching and choosing the best option among all available offers and later on, during the maintenance of the already installed solar system. However, the essentials of solar technology can be learned in minutes and NO previous technical background is required if you choose our solar info products to do so.

Unfortunately solar market is flooded by free misleading information about solar panel systems. It is not possible to find in a single book all the practical info you need to either buy a solar electric system or build it yourself.

That is why we decided to make this site for – to help you get all you have to know about photovoltaics, collected in a single resource and presented in a comprehensible manner, without digging too much into unnecessary details or complex explanations.

Moreover our products help you easily:

  • Estimate what kind of solar system you need for your specific case
  • Evaluate whether your building is suitable for installing a photovoltaic system
  • Find out the system configuration you need to match best your daily energy needs, available roof area and available budget
  • Perform fast and easy all the necessary calculation to decide whether it is worth or not investing in a solar electric system
  • Assess your solar investment in a long term by considering grid electricity cost savings and system payback period.
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