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Best Bullshit Button
Bullshit Button brands constantly compete with each other for the market. Altogether, they provide hundreds of new models every year. Thus, the variety of choices is enormous. Use the top list (and the extended top 30 list) of the best bullshit button if you do not want to waste too much of your time.

We wanted to help people choose the best bullshit button, so we have researched the market and compared hundreds of different bullshit button. We have selected options with the lowest price, highest user score, and longest warranty. Many other factors were also taken into consideration. Let us know if you have any ideas about improving our list!

U.S. Top 4 Best Bullshit Button of 2018

Rating Image Name and Features Details
Style 5/5
Versatility 5/5
Construction 5/5
Quality 5/5
Blah Button 1. Blah Button
The blue and yellow button is well constructed and it plays 12 unique blah phrases in different vocal tones and styles.
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Style 4/5
Versatility 5/5
Construction 5/5
Quality 4/5
Shut Up! Button 2. Shut Up! Button (Best for the Price)
Whether a coworker needs a good laugh or you know an overwhelmed parent who needs some peace and quiet, the shut up button is the perfect talking gift for the fun-loving person in your life.
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Style 5/5
Versatility 4/5
Construction 5/5
Quality 3/5
Fml Button 3. Fml Button
Unfortunately, fml moments pop up anytime, anywhere.
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Style 5/5
Versatility 5/5
Construction 2/5
Quality 5/5
Fart Button 4. Fart Button
Preparing to perform a comedy skit.
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№ 1. Blah Button (features 12 Hilarious Blah Phrases)

The blue and yellow button is well constructed and it plays 12 unique blah phrases in different vocal tones and styles. The blah button is simply your best bet to get out of a boring conversation, quickly and humorously. The 12 blah phrases all say blah, blah, blah, each in their own different unique ways. The blah button is battery operated. Activate the 12 different phrases simply by pressing the blah, blah, blah button. Ideal as an office toy or as a funny gag gift. The 12 hilarious phrases are perfect for stress relief in all sorts of situations in the office, at school or at home.


The blah button is simply your best bet
The blah button is battery operated
Ideal as an office toy or as a funny gag gift
The 12 blah phrases all say blah
You should not experience any problems with it.

What should I do if I receive a wrong item instead of my bullshit button?

There is no need to worry since the support team will help you to return your money or replace the wrong item with the chosen bullshit button. Simply contact a support agent and describe your situation to get all the required help.



High quality: manufactured under strict standards, the well-constructed shut up button promises durability, clear audio, and a hilarious office prank in one. With a flashing top and bright orange base, it ll be the funny gift that s impossible to ignore. Perfect gag gift: whether a coworker needs a good laugh or you know an overwhelmed parent who needs some peace and quiet, the shut up button is the perfect talking gift for the fun-loving person in your life. Battery operated: the button is battery operated. Simply press the top to play to the funny phrases and see the flashing lights. Twelve shut up phrases: who knew there were so many ways to tell someone to shut up. From a stuttering shut up to cutting off an obnoxious telemarketer, this hilarious button is perfect for whatever situation you might find yourself in. The twelve expressions feature a variety of voices, perfect for home, work, or school.

Hilarious: is someone getting on your nerves. Do you want a coworker to stop talking. Let them know what you re really thinking without even having to open your mouth. With the shut up button, your dull or annoying conversation will be over in an instant.


Twelve shut up phrases
High quality
Battery operated
Perfect gag gift
Takes a lot of time to get used to.


№ 3. Fml Button (new Updated Exterior Design — 2017 Version)

Batteries included: nothing s worse than a toy that doesn t come with batteries. Luckily, the fml button is fully equipped with everything you ll need. As soon as it arrives, it s ready with phrases like, the person you re trying to reach is having an fml moment. Premium quality design: a broken button is one fml moment you won t have. Ten hilarious f my life phrases: sound clips like, warning: fml overload, fml lubrication cream, for those days you re truly feeling bent over, and i can t deal with that now, i m having fml, make this an instant practical joke everyone will love. Perfect gag gift: unfortunately, fml moments pop up anytime, anywhere. It s a great stocking stuffer or joke gift.

But with one press of the hysterical fml button, friends and coworkers will start laughing and forget all of life s troubles.


Premium quality design
Perfect gag gift
Ten hilarious f my life phrases
Batteries included
For life s fml moments
It is too expensive.
Was not delivered in time.


№ 4. Fart Button (new and Improved — Farts Only Version)

New and improved: great for kids and kids at heart, the fart button can be used by class clowns and office jokesters alike. Realistic sound effect: preparing to perform a comedy skit. Be sure to keep the fart button on hand. The sound of bubbling flatulence will have everyone cracking a smile. At home, school, or even in the office, listeners will find it hard to keep a straight face. The durable design featuring bright colors means it was built for long lasting fun everyone can enjoy. Easy to use: it s great for dropping in backpacks or purses when on the go. When the time is right, just push the button, and have some stilly fun.

The blame game: they say whoever smelt it dealt it, but with the fart button, you can giggle at funny noises without covering your nose. It s perfect for playing sneaky pranks just press the button, unleash the backdoor breeze, and blame it on whoever s nearby.


Realistic sound effect
High quality
The blame game
Takes up too much space.
The housing looks too cheap despite the price.

Is a good place to buy a bullshit button?

Why would be buying a bullshit button online dangerous? Marketplace is nearly always on the buyer’s side during the conflicts resolution. Getting a refund is very easy and only takes a couple of hours. You and your money are completely safe — there is no need to worry. Try to order a bullshit button from our rating list yourself — this website is very convenient thanks to myriads of user reviews, so you will definitely like it.

What did you do to create the TOP list of bullshit button?

We sincerely wanted to help our readers, so our team spent many hours comparing various bullshit buttonfrom different manufacturers. It was not easy, since we had to find a way to include both cheap and expensive bullshit buttonin our rating list. That is why we decided to make the price/quality ratio the determining factor. No matter what your budget is, you can use our guide to choose the best bullshit button in the preferred price category.

What are the price limits for decent bullshit button?

The price of a bullshit button should never be the determining factor. Even if you are able to afford the most expensive model, you might do not actually need it. bullshit buttonin the average price range can cover all your needs and save you a few bucks at the same time.

What warranty should be offered with a decent bullshit button?

In the most cases, two-year long warranty period is considered as optimal for bullshit button. bullshit buttonhave a tendency to lose their quality with time. Replacing old bullshit buttonwith a new model is a much better option than an overpriced lifetime warranty.

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